'Excuse me sir, have you seen our spaceship somewhere? We're a bit lost..' Created for PixelDailies' island collaboration project (screenshot below).

Definitely the coolest collab I've taken part in since r/Place. It blows my mind how insanely talented the pixel art community is, and I love being a part of it <3

Mad respect for level designers. Just thought it'd be neat if drinking the potion would change her hair color and main ability! Throw the space helmet, maybe?

Tried out sound design as well and it's CRAZY FUN. Those Dings really bring back good memories. And yes, that is a friendly slime. I bet you expected me to jump on his head. Not everything that moves has to be an enemy, geez.     BGM: Kirby's Dreamland 3 - Sand Canyon 1 ♫

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