Play the game here! Granted, you're probably gonna encounter a few hilarious bugs, so please spare us as we only had 100 hours and some later levels were a little bit undertested. Have fun regardless!

We picked the red string of fate as our core concept for the 'connect' theme.

Walk animation for Ame! Flappy arms for maximum cuteness.

Drawing this was SO SAD!!!

You reunited them!

Probably my favorite asset, which also turned game icon. Since we went for an East Asian theme, I tried to incorporate its cultural elements in the level art.

The lantern - a key piece in the game aka the exit points.

Some in-progress pics:

Original vision! Turns out the background is too bright for the lighting in Unity to work well with the lanterns and characters. In the end we settled for a dark theme instead!

Lo and behold, my favorite gif during the whole development process

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