Looove the color scheme for this Talon Widow rifle. Can't go wrong with black and red. It was a lot of fun drawing the red cords and the white W symbol.
Mei has a lot of good gun skins, but the OG one was still the most recognizable.

My personal favorite, and also my main :D

Cheers love, the cavalry's here!

That skull ended up being way too derpy, but I love it so much.

It's hiiiiigh noon! Also, 'MURICA!

Can't stop won't stop! Of course I had to draw his football skin.

I'm just a sucker for the bubblegum pink/blue palette. The dolphin charm also gets me everytime.

Pharah's gun was definitely one of the hardest to pick from and draw due to their color schemes and general shape.

Dad76 is his best gun skin ever! I wish I could fit "As-salt rifle" in that bottle.

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